High Performance Trim Tabs for Inflatable Boats (Roll-ups or RIBs)

radically improve the performance of inflatable boats, increasing speed and acceleration 25% to 45% and planing weight capacity up to 30%, while decreasing fuel consumption by over 25%.  Boats having insufficient power or carrying heavy loads can now plane or achieve higher planing speeds.  Lifters are specifically designed and patented for Zodiac type inflatable boats to yield maximum performance
with the following advantages
, and made in the USA.

Less drag and far superior performance than hydrofoil devices
Accelerate and plane quickly without moving weight forward
Stay aft for safer motor control and boat stays level for comfort
Reduce proposing, hopping and prop ventilation at high speeds
Plane faster on top of the waves with a smooth cushioned ride
In the roughest of conditions plane slower for more comfort
Carry weight aft for greater stability and speed with less spray
Execute tighter turns while maintaining speed and control
Eliminate transom engine torquing for more in-line power
Spray plate eliminates lower unit spray and transom dousings
Maintain proper engine RPM for less deposits and plug fowling
Large motors turn freely with partial horizontal swiveling
Reduce transom turbulence and drag when trolling or rowing
Increase boat's traveling range while saving on fuel
Less wake and better transitional speed control
Less drag when towing empty boat and with motor
Won't snag on kelp or weeds like hydrofoil devices
Counteract towline torque for fast controlled towing
Won't affect boat or motor storage like other devices
Simple to install and attach or detach in seconds
Works with wood, aluminum or air floor, all roll-ups
Can be left in the water and growth wipes right off
Made of unbreakable UV resistant polypropylene
Corrosion resistant SS and anodized aluminum
Used as skids to drag up sandy beaches
Will work with transom wheels
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How Lifters Increase Speed & Carrying Capacity
The speed and weight carrying capacity of a planing hull is directly related to it's planing surface area and driving power.  Unlike small trim tabs, Lifters add more that 5 times the planing area, or a substantial 4.2 sq. ft. (12.5" x 24" x 2) of additional hull planing surface as shown on the right.  At low planing speeds the additional surface area at the stern creates more than a proportional amount of added lift by pushing water down, opposed to the forward "V" section which pushes water to the sides.  The additional lift far aft of the center of weight (boat, crew and motor) lifts the stern and lowers the bow for more hull planing surface area and upward lift rather than backward drag.  Lifters also generate less drag and more lift then trim tabs by having a lower angle of deflection or attack and more surface area further aft.  At high planing speeds when less surface area is desired because of higher viscous skin drag, the ventilation slots at the front of the Lifters suck air into the mini step which decreases the planing surface area and drag. This technology is similar to the latest side ventilated stepped hull technology used on race and recreational boats, but more importantly, Lifters dramatically increase the performance and comfort for fishing, hunting, scuba diving, tending, towing, rescue and other boating activities.

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NEW!  Prototype Sail Rig
Specifications & Purchasing

Self trimming with active-angle suspention
TM.  For all inflatable boats with flat or uncontoured transoms and within the following size range not having a Futura hull.

size range
motor size
 Factory direct
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 Lifters SB1*
7-16 ft.
60 hp
$139 US
     $127 US
 $119 US >>>
*Lifters (SB1) quickly attach and detach from mounting brackets which are permanently screwed onto the transom
and are constructed of heavy duty materials which can withstand over 800 lbs of vertical pressure while absorbing
shock loads for a smooth ride.

**U.S. Ground shipment for $19 (3-7 day delivery time with tracking). Sales Tax for California residence is included in the total price.  For international orders, buy now then select "ship outside U.S.".  Orders are shipped in a plain box (not retail).

If you're not completely satisfied, return within 60 days for a full
refund less S&H charges.

Order online or call  800-828-5010 to order by phone.

Detachable planing systems for larger inflatables and conventional non-inflatable boats will be available soon.

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